Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cold War II

The latest article I've read regarding the Ukraine situation really grabbed my attention.

In a nutshell: either Russia is firing artillery from their border and supplying weapons to the rebels in East Ukraine, or the media machine is really cranking up the rhetoric and provoking the Bear.

If these accusations are all unfounded, then the West is doing some serious warmongering.  The problem here is that if it's not true, why isn't Russia offering to assist Ukraine and then withdraw when order has been restored.  Wouldn't this directly address Russia's concern about the security of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine?  That latter phrase still confuses the hell out of me and always sounds too lame to be true.

If it's all true, then Cold War II is well underway and may be getting toasty.  Russia could be moving to regain their old territory and play diplomatic games, knowing the U.S. is broke and the citizens have little faith in the government.  It would be poetic justice if Russia pushed the U.S. into bankrupt anarchy, as was done to them once upon a time.  So why would the U.S. continue to play and maneuver right along with them?

Are both governments so damn stupid they can't outwit the other, or is it a friendly a game of chess with the citizen subjects as pawns.

Please keep in mind, this is pure conjecture and thought experiment.  I do not claim to know or be certain at all.

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