Saturday, August 2, 2014

For Israel and Gaza, Peace is Always Impossible

Another cease-fire broken between Gaza and Israel; are you surprised? This is the story, the way it happens, how it works, and (most importantly) it's all part of the plan. When someone in your group throws away a chance to get some humanitarian aid into Gaza, someone has to think about the consequences.

Are you spotting the pattern? I've got a few more things to say about this catastrophe.


Hamas has shown very little regard for the welfare of its own people, and Israel is no more or less accountable for the mayhem happening in Gaza right now. I'm baffled as to how anyone remains sympathetic to Hamas after they displayed such myopic stupidity. Now the Palestinian people suffer while their rulers hide weapons in crowded areas and shelters, and they have they have no problem putting all the blame on Israel.

The Israeli occupation (let's call it what it was) guaranteed the Middle East a future of conflict.  As long as the Jewish state remains, there will be Arab groups ready to fight them; whether it's some ancient Biblical blood-feud, theological argument, or simple tribal warfare is impossible for Westerners to understand.

When Native American tribes fought white expansion, they had legitimate reason to do so.  It was futile, because they were out-numbered and out-gunned, but they fought anyway.  It's a tragic tale, but it serves to demonstrate the uselessness of armed resistance against a far superior opponent.  There are better tactics.

What the Palestinian people need to get a hold of is that Hamas isn't the answer; guerrilla warfare and rocket attacks don't work.  Why the hell do you tolerate these idiots attacking a bear with a toothpick?  Palestinians have some legitimate complaints and grievances, but letting Hamas fight to change things when the "enemy" is many times greater in terms of training and technology... well, that's plain stupidity.

Hey, Palestinians, listen up!

Get your shit together, get away from Hamas, and get ready to accept Jews as equals.  Of course, if you think a holy uprising is the only way to be free of the infidels, then best of luck to you because it's futile.  Is it better to fight and die then live in peace with Jews?  The answer to that question will determine the next chapter in Palestinian history.

Oh, and Israel, it might be time to integrate.

For Israel to have peace, they'll need to create a strategy for Palestinian economic and social change.  I'm sure Israeli intelligence and diplomats understand the region well enough to know if Gaza and the West Bank would fit into a western-style, consumer-driven economy.  The Israeli government might consider involving the moderate Arab neighbors like Jordan and Egypt to help develop, demilitarize, and integrate the Palestinians.


All this assumes that the situation isn't part of some larger scheme at work and that Hamas isn't just a puppet of something else.  Perhaps it's simply the chaos of life playing out on a grander scale with no particular point, and the strongest survives.  If it's all just random noise, be wary, for it will end in destruction; peace and order require patterns, plans, and vision.

While Israel kicks the Palestinians around the block, the Islamic State is prepping to take Baghdad, Syria is grinding away in constant civil war (and there have recently been attacks near Lebanon), Libya is burning, and Turkey thinks Jews are Nazis.

That's a lot of negative attitude towards Israel and it's all in Israel's backyard.  How nervous do you think Israel is right now?  The Palestinian leadership in Gaza is provoking an opponent that is better equipped, better trained, and surrounded by enemies.

There are a million scenarios that could happen to trigger war and pull in many more nations, even resulting in a standoff between U.S., EU, and NATO allies against Iran, Russia, China, and who the hell knows else.  A lot of seemingly disparate incidents (Ukraine, Russia, Hamas, Iran, Gaza, Turkey, etc) are all related to the conflict between Israel and Gaza in some way.

Do these threads point to some larger connection?  Thoughts?

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