Sunday, August 24, 2014

The World is Coming Unglued: Open Your Damn EYES!

We're all guilty of self-satisfaction, keeping our self busy, minding our business, and generally keeping our head buried in the sand while the world burns--and it is burning, people.  It staggers my mind when we're all too busy to grasp how fooked-up the world is and how much damage has been done.

Using headlines from Google News, I want to show you a collection of world events which demonstrate what I'm saying.  Don't dismiss it.  "The world is crazy," is a poor, poor understatement and a pathetic attempt to soothe yourself.

Buckle up and leave your skepticism at the door.


After a recent magnitude-6 earthquake in California, I went over to the USGS earthquake map and took a look at all quakes in the last 30 days of magnitude 4.5 and greater.  You can go back further, but the last 30 days show a string of earthquakes clearly visible as a pattern tracking along the western part of North and South America.  That's a lot of significant earthquakes.  Financially and ecologically, we have no idea of much damage was done in the California quake alone.
  • Add to the above problem by realizing most of the desert, south-west, and western U.S. is facing a catastrophic water shortage.  Underground aquifers, rivers, and reservoirs are drying up at an alarming rate; recently, the ground has been swelling in response to being sucked dry.  Lack of water combined with earthquakes, wildfires, and warming climate doesn't have a lot of happy endings.
  • Official data regarding the instability of Yellowstone Park was quietly shuffled from the headlines and dismissed as "minor".  Original estimates of the potential for eruption in Yellowstone were wrong and are much higher than anticipated.  The entire region is showing seismic and thermal activity!  Please envision a massive volcanic eruption in the middle of the United States, combined with failing water tables, wildfires, and earthquakes!  

Ferguson, MO has shown a disturbing future for human society.  After the shooting of an "unarmed black man" by a "white police officer", rioting and protests provided the impetus for rolling out militarized police with National Guard back-up.  With reported calm on the scene, this is a victory for the police state.
  • Please think about this: a terrible thing happens, protests break out with looting by a minority, and the first response of law enforcement is to bring out military-armed police (essentially the military).  This is the default way law and order will be enforced in this free country.  Ferguson showed the powers that we will accept martial law, if we believe the reason (lie) threatens our safety.


Historically, the EU and US have supported and share common interests with Israel, putting all three entities at odds with local groups, Islamic governments, and anyone who doesn't care for western meddling in the Middle East.

You need to understand if Israel is forced into a full-scale war, it will involve a lot of neighboring countries and it will be horrendous.  All Western countries will be forced to pick a side: defend Israel and go to war with everyone, or withdraw support for Israel and let them nuke their enemies.

The latest ceasefire came and went, as expected, and the conflict resumes.  Both sides, and the world, points fingers in every direction.  It doesn't matter who's at fault for continual violations or atrocities, because it will happen and it won't end well.  Deep down, we all know there will never be peace in the Middle East.  There never has been and it's only a matter of time before the next large-scale conflict.
  • Airstrikes pound Gaza as mortars fall, gunshots ring out, and neither side seems willing to discuss another pointless truce, but Egypt keeps trying to help.  
  • Hamas wants the Palestinian Authority to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), allowing inspectors to investigate war crimes on both sides.  Obviously, Israel doesn't want this to happen because Hamas has every incentive to make sure dead children are on TV--even though hiding weapons in hospitals and schools is the cause created by Hamas for that purpose.
  • Protests, unrest, and violence continues to flare and escalate in the West Bank--if you don't know about the West Bank, please do some research.  In short: it's another Palestinian enclave similar to the Gaza Strip.  Kidnappings and arrests are being reported, and police have used tear gas in recent protests.  A recent terror plot, foiled by Israeli spies, points to the possibility of Hamas stirring up another fight in the West Bank.    
  • Recent attacks on Israel from Syria and Lebanon point to a disturbing possibility: Hamas is baiting Israel to attack, involving Syrian and Lebanese targets, or the Islamic State (IS) is working in those embattled countries to begin a campaign against Israel, as expected.
  • Iran claims it shot down an Israeli drone near an uranium enrichment mine.  Does Israel have reason to check out a site useful for nuclear fuel?  They're concerned about it and have stated that in the past.  Around the same time, Iran announced it had developed its own short-range ballistic missile and aerial drone system.


How many of us realize nearly 200,000 Syrians have died in a civil war over there?  The death toll is higher than World War I and Vietnam combined (in American lives).  We don't care because it's not in our backyard.  There is no end in sight for Syria and the situation is getting worse.

With recent strikes from Syrian territory into Israel, and the heavy Islamic State (IS) presence in Syria and Iraq, it's likely we'll see IS begin to attack Israel.  They wish (as many Arab nations) to see Israel destroyed, driven into the sea, and wiped out.  If you don't know or believe that statement, do some homework.

The U.S. is beginning a war against the IS.  You must know and understand, it is already happening.  Mainstream media is starting the roll-out of information and propaganda designed to make it seem inevitable and sensible.  Do you buy it?  Do you care?


With presence in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, and other surrounding countries, the Islamic State (IS) is capable of striking, and assisting other radicals, in attacking western locations and allies.  They have a lot of money from ransoms, oil, and pillaging, and we need to understand they have already funneled a lot of it to allied groups in addition to their own elements waging war.

Western countries, primarily the US, will be fighting IS directly soon enough.  Agents and allies of IS will inevitably harass or attack Israel, or IS will support Hamas financially and militarily (if they don't already).  IS will attack Baghdad and US targets; success or failure, the IS represents a significant threat much more dangerous than small radical groups or individuals.

Noting above that Iran has developed missiles and drones, the admission of Iran fighters into Iraq raises another question.  As Iran develops their military, offering assistance to Iraq, their influence spreads.  If they hate the West and Israel, and are building better weapons, how long before they offer or sell these developments to the IS?  Does the IS with cruise missiles and drones sound cool to you?


Russia continues maneuvering (or being accused of) in Ukraine.  Aid convoys ran the border, dropped off supplies, and ran back while separatists continue to battle.  On Ukraine's independence day, rebels in East Ukraine put on quite the spectacle, parading prisoners of war through the streets--a violation of humanitarian laws.  Such a display of bravado is insulting and humiliating, politically-speaking, to Ukraine.

In the midst of it all, Ukrainian president is boosting military spending to grow the military and replenish losses of equipment.  With Russian artillery reportedly firing on Ukrainian positions, it isn't surprising to think an escalation is inevitable.  If the convoys dropped off military supplies, the rebels are likely to make re-taking Eastern Ukraine significantly more difficult.

Ukraine is the rope in a tug-of-war contest between East and West.  It involves more than Russia, as China has demonstrated some interesting intents in recent weeks by buzzing US Navy planes in international waters, planning to develop their own computer OS, and executing dissenters.  China is a powerful country, but it's the potential of convergence of interest with Russia (or others) posing the greatest threat.

Recent reports suggest tension between China and North Korea is rising rapidly.  North Korea recently moved its most advanced military units to a northern province bordering China.  Shifting your most powerful military away from South Korea (and US allies) to another location seems, to me, to suggest North Korea views China as a bigger threat.  Will China be as reserved and relatively passive in dealing with North Korea compared to the U.S. and South Korea?


India and Pakistan both possess nuclear weapons and they don't care for each other.  Recent cross-border fighting has sparked rising tensions and India is moving military equipment and forces to the border.  Pakistan is guilty of over 20 cease-fire violations involving shooting or bombing across the border with India.

Politically, Pakistan is unstable and in the midst of a popular revolt.  Protests have caused problems in the capitol as supporters of a charismatic leader try to make changes.  The unrest couples with basic sanitation and nutrition problems in Pakistan, a recipe of desperation and dissatisfaction mingling with rising military tensions is sure to cause loss of life and destruction.

Growing ties between the two countries are fading fast with a few dozen killed in the border attacks.  India has cancelled planned discussions with Pakistan, and the future of any diplomatic or economic negotiations hinges on the violent situation near Kashmire.

Take a look at the map of Asia and connect the dots to nearby areas; if India and Pakistan engage in a war, nuclear or not, there are plenty of surrounding territories affected and affecting the situation.  Will China sit and watch?  Is Afghanistan stable enough or will refugees and militants cross back and forth into Pakistan?


There's so much more.  Even if you only read the headlines, read them all, put the pieces together, and let people know.  Share a link wherever you digitally roam.  Share a link with me--I want to know.

Why bother, you say?

No, it's not to change the world--that's childish nonsense.
Ignorance is bliss, but it's a delusion; Truth is misery, but it's reality.

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