Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jerusalem, the city worth nothing and everything.

The Holy City of Jerusalem, sacred to Abrahamic faith, is a flashpoint for international conflict.

One city capable of drawing the world into a devastating war.

This is not hyperbole, people.

History repeats itself, and its center has often been Jerusalem.

Right now, things are roiling--not simmering--toward a conflagration.  Here are some articles to catch you up (all standard news outlets):

Jordan getting hostile over Temple Mount

The Violence of an Intifida

Palestinians pressing UN for international action

US backing off support for Israel

Sure, people have always been fighting over there, but the world is bigger, uglier, and deadlier than ever before, so the carnage will be magnified.  Israel has nukes, so does Iran, and all the allies involved in the fighting on behalf of Israel or one of its many enemies.  Also, the US isn't as willing to support Israel no matter what anymore.

Ask yourself the ramifications if Jerusalem turned to pure chaos and Arab countries intervened, or if another "Gaza War" broke out (perhaps with Hezbollah)--with the world recognizing a Palestinian state and decrying Israeli 'war crimes', would the nations stand by and watch?

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