Friday, October 2, 2015

The Inevitable Middle East Flashpoint

A while back, I posted an article about Jerusalem and how world events would center around that city in the coming months and years.  If you haven't paid attention, the march to the gates of that ancient city is well underway.

ISIS is only part of the equation, as the entire Arab world--in particular Iran and its proxies--would love to burn Israel and dance on the dead bodies of Jews.  Maybe it's just an act, right?  All the world is a stage, after all.

Here are three points to consider in the coming days:

1.  Violence at the Temple Mount - the site of the holiest Jewish place and the third holiest in Islam.  Don't underestimate how important this place is to these people; Westerners don't give a shit, for the most part, because we don't have any such places.  Unless you weep at the Washington Monument or Statue of Liberty, you can't possibly understand how pivotal the Temple Mount is to Jews and Arabs.  Particularly around holy days for Arabs and Jews, incitement and incidents escalate.

Arabs think Jews shouldn't even be allowed on the site. (Article)

Israel, of course, blames the Palestinians for the violence there.  (Article)

2.  Increasing violence in the region - Russia is now involved in Syria, bringing it into direct contact with not only Western powers bombing the Arabs, but with Israel's ongoing conflict with its neighbors.  Is it not conceivable that extremists shoot rockets at Israel, who then responds to the attack, only to find it is a Russian convoy they hit instead of Hezbollah?  Israel and Iran (and proxies) don't care for each other, so we can accept that, right?  Given Russia's antagonism to the West, particularly in regard to Iran, inserting themselves into a volatile conflict as a separate agent ups the possibility of incidents.  Now consider that Russia isn't only attacking ISIS but they are attacking any groups opposed to Syria's current regime--intentionally targeting US-backed groups and thwarting the stated Western goal of displacing Assad.

Iranian soldiers (and proxy groups) working with Russia for ground operations.  (Article)

Iraq said to 'welcome Russian help' against extremists (Article)

3.  Connecting the dots - if we look at the above two points in light of the entire situation, a pattern emerges and the implications aren't rosy.  Iran is feeling better about itself after the deal with the West and, as noted, are involving themselves with Russia's foray into Syria.  That operation WILL expand into Iraq--watch it happen.  This brings them to Israel's doorstep.  The Temple Mount will incite Arabs in general, adding to the rhetoric of Iran and its proxy groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.  Palestinians grow increasingly disinterested in diplomacy, as evidenced by the increase in urban violence like firebombings, stoning, and drive-by shootings of families in the car.  Look at all the noise and disruption in the region and then ask yourself, "Is this going away?  Is it going to quiet down?"

As always, use this information to do your own research.  If you believe anything without vetting it yourself, then you're an idiot--with all due respect.

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