Friday, September 12, 2014

Degrade and Destroy? That's Not War! I'll Show You War!

President Obama promised to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Islamic State (IS).  What does that mean, exactly?  It wasn't much of a strategy, lacking in any substantive material and wholly deprived of any teeth.

This is not war and it will not be effective.  It will result in the situation becoming worse, the US garnering more world resistance, and an increase in terrorist activity.  Attacking an enemy over the long term, picking away at them, only serves to piss them off and steel their resolve for revenge.

You want to know about war?  Forget this "degrade and destroy" bullshit and let me show you how to deal with enemies.

First off, I'm not agreeing with anything these idiots say.

The IS may be a threat, but it's a problem created by the US and its allies; we have destabilized and destroyed regimes, paving the way for sectarian violence, all the while arming and training groups like IS, al-Qaeda, and more.

Having said that, America has lost its gall.

We fight with one hand tied behind our back, struggling to keep our soldiers safe and observe the "rules of war".  In order for America, and western civilization, to survive and thrive, we need to return to the police of "walk softly and carry a BIG stick".

If IS were such a horrifying threat, chopping off heads and mutilating prisoners and civilians, then why tiptoe around the need to wipe them out?  When such a threat is presented, and diplomacy will not do, it's time to let the professionals do their thing and do it properly.

America does not need regional allies to destroy ISIS.

As much as we're trying to be inclusive, get countries involved, the bare truth is that we need to do what we do best and drop some ordinance.  Seriously, America has the power to end this insanity in less than a week.  I'll outline my battle plan later, so keep reading.

If our "allies" want to join in, want to stand against IS, then they're welcome to it--but it shouldn't hamstring our military.  What is Syria proposing to do if enter their territory to take out an enemy?  If they have half a brain, they will sit it out and keep their mouth shut.  Same goes for other countries objecting to the use of force to silence enemies.

Diplomacy doesn't work when dealing with maniacs.

Yes, maniacs run America, too, but we're talking about war.  IS has shown they have no interest in political negotiation; this conflict isn't going to have a diplomatic solution.  Regardless of how many "coalition" members try to avoid war, the battle is going to be fought.

Let's stop making overtures for allies and get to the point: combat.  All the allies in the world won't change the blatant truth of necessary force; we need to strike hard and not hold back.  If a country doesn't like an aggressive approach, tough shit.  If American terrorists (aside from the government) were attacking another country, it would be well within the country's rights to apply lethal force as needed to stop them.

Might makes right in this world, folks.

Violence cannot change a radical idea such as the IS, but force can certainly eliminate those who believe in such ideas.  Whether it's moral or ethical isn't the question here, but whether or not force can be used effectively to neutralize threats.

Proper application of military might solves problems, period.  Human history is the story of applied force, for better or worse.  America can represent a proper application of force, if we wish it.  It doesn't matter if other countries agree with us or not; if we decide the IS is an imminent threat to our society, then let's drop the hammer and smash it before it spreads.

Here's the Seven-Point Battle Strategy.

#1.  Congress makes an official declaration of war on the Islamic State.

They fancy themselves a country now, declaring an Islamic Caliphate in the lands they control.  This is war against another country, regardless of whether the world recognizes them or not--they recognize themselves and are acting like a sovereign nation.  The borders of IS are the borders of an enemy state.  Our Constitution requires a declaration of war, so let's start it off right.

#2.  America's Intentions to Obliterate the IS are shared with Allies.

Any country desiring to end the IS can pledge whatever military or other assets desired.  Allies are optional but welcome; anyone with a concern or stake in the outcome should commit some form of assistance.  There will be no repercussions for those who refuse, nor will there be any praise for those who do.  This needs to be done, period.

#3.  Tell the Military to Take the Gloves Off.

Stop hampering our military when it comes to war.  Warn the civilian population repeatedly; tell them to get the hell out because there won't be any quarter for those in the combat zone.  Yes, it's terrible and harsh, but so is war.  This isn't intended to be a long, drawn-out conflicts like the half-ass wars waged since WWII.  We will open a can of whoop-ass on the IS and won't stop until there's nothing left for the Caliphate to rule over.

#4.  Issue an Ultimatum to IS and its Partners.

Select a high-profile IS target and demolish it with air strikes and artillery--pound it to dust.  Demand that the IS lay down their arms and surrender within 24 hours or similar devastation will be visited on every single location they control with the resulting death, destruction, and loss of life squarely on their shoulders.  Make it known we have no intention to occupy, colonize, or impose our will--the rightful leadership in occupied territories will return to the sovereign states when IS is gone.

#5.  Unleash Hell from Above.

Bring in the air power--all of it and more.  Never-ending airstrikes, bombardments, helicopter gunships, missiles, and anything that blows shit up in a wide radius.  Launch missiles from naval vessels and rain down devastation with every piece of artillery we can muster.  Pound the living hell out of every possible target, militant hideout, weapons cache, and any command structures.  Collateral damage is unavoidable and a swift resolution is the best bet to limit suffering.

#6.  Position Ground Forces 

While enemy positions are obliterated, roll out the armor, troops, and everything else suitable for a crushing ground assault.  Overwhelming force is to encircle enemy positions, cut off supplies, and target any militants and IS leadership with special forces, helicopters, and drones.  Issue a final ultimatum for IS to surrender, declaring that IS forces captured will serve their life in hard labor or be convicted and executed.

#7.  Crush the Enemy and Restore Order

Ground forces advance as air strikes and artillery reduce the landscape to dust.  Our boots on the ground execute their duty with ferocity and decisiveness, moving rapidly and occupying key points to further isolate and neutralize enemy positions.  Drones and helicopters provide constant aerial support and target any advancing units, entrenched positions, or enemies attempting to regroup.  When victory is complete, aid local governments in reclaiming territory lost to IS.

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