Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New World Order Games: 13 years since 9/11

Tomorrow marks the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and it's a prime opportunity for the shadowy powers of the world to rub it in our faces.

No, I'm not predicting anything specific, but I am sounding a general alarm for several reasons.  The atmosphere resembles 9/11, including warnings issued by multiple sources and events that seem to offer a preview of things to come.

Read on to see why I'm raising the alarm.

The number 13 itself has many connotations, some lucky and some unlucky, but it holds an interesting set of numerological meanings.  It can represent upheaval, destruction, and karmic-centered changes; it can also represent evil.

For example, the Biblical symbol of the dragon, presumably representing Satan, is described 13 times in the Bible; also, Nimrod, a rebellious super-being in the Old Testament, was the 13th descendant of Ham, Son of Noah.

13 is also a prime number.

How about something more concrete?

Numerous intelligence sources report plans are in place for a widespread anniversary attack, possibly in the Middle East or Europe.  The King of Saudi Arabia even mentioned a timetable for when he thought Islamic terrorists would reach Europe and the U.S.

Libyan terrorists recently took over the country's capitol and claimed a bunch of jetliners from the Tripoli airport, an event promptly reported as 'raising fears of another 9/11'.  With the surge of jihadists throughout the world, there's little to stop them from finding pilots.  Also mentioned is the possibility of using an 'undetectable explosive' developed by top al-Quaeda bomb-makers in Yemen.

The lack of warning from any U.S. officials, especially given the warnings from foreign intelligence, makes no sense.  Either the government is trying to keep panic to a minimum or they're withholding the information to increase the shock and awe factor.  The only voice I've heard issue such a warning to the public with any credibility at all (even if a little) was a retired US Air Force General, who recommended going to DEFCON-1.  If you don't understand, DEFCON-2 is what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Check out this chart for a breakdown.

If you didn't know, the US is conducting drills for terrorists attacks right now!  Yup, they are rehearsing scenarios for mass casualty events, communication outages, and more.  Several ISPs are reportedly planning 'maintenance outages' for tomorrow, as well--why the anniversary of 9/11?

What happens now?

Jack shit, that's what.  If attacks do occur, it won't be because there was no warning, no way to know about it.  Personal preparedness, mental and physical, is the best you can do.

This is all part of the game for the New World Order or whatever you choose to call them.  These events are connected by time, linked by numbers, and carry a lot of symbolism.  Did you know it was 555 days from 9/11/01 to 3/20/03, the start of the Iraq War?  In numerology, 555 is similar to 13, representing change, upheaval, and a new path.  There are many other strange numerical patterns surrounding these types of events.  Is it just coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.  We'll find out.

Our world is dying, has been for a long time, because we've been distracted and no longer give a shit about anything beyond our immediate wants and needs.

Keep your eyes open, keep your head screwed on, and don't believe any of it.

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