Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Russia, Iran, ISIS, Israel, and The New World Order

Everything seems chaotic, spiraling out of control... doesn't it?

Well there are some disturbing connections tying current events together and the governments instigating said events.  This "New World Order" is a picture of influences above and beyond political power, influences operating at the global level.

These are not isolated incidents, brought on by modern day political leaders and ideologies clashing; this is a story repeating from time immemorial and some of the players are up to the same old tricks.

Israel is part of the system; they are provoking more dissent.

With the latest fiasco making headlines, Israel has decided to beat the dead Palestinian horse with another stick: taking land for settlement.  Israel knows this violates UN mandates and will infuriate the Palestinians, but they justify it for security reasons.  After the devastating battle (or, rather, beat-down) of Hamas, the move to seize land in the West Bank seems a head-scratcher--unless the goal is to provoke hostility and consume more land and power by invading and occupying Palestinian lands by force.

Considering that the U.S. supplies a lot of military hardware to Israel, and the development of weapon systems is a shared exercise, the simple rationale of war profiteering is ever present.  Add in the growing obsession with a 'war on terrorism' and continued destabilization of the Middle East seems to make a bit more sense.  Create more terrorist activity, sell weapons and arms to allies, and repeat the process.

Don't discount these radical groups, though, as they have learned to play the game very well.  Hamas has demonstrated its willingness to hide munitions in civilian buildings, playing up the civilian death toll and humanitarian suffering for world sympathy.  Hamas and its supporters would benefit as much, if not more, from a brutal Israeli occupation.

Iran supplies a lot of "terrorists" and Russia supplies Iran.

Despite sending troops to battle ISIS in Iraq (of which other motives may be at work), Iran actively works to destablize the Middle East--particularly in regards to Israel.  It's no secret they'd like to turn Israel into a mass grave, and Iran's recent promise to equip and fund anti-Israeli groups is also not surprising.  They've been at it for years and the Israel-Iran relationship has been nothing but hostile.

How much of Iran's assistance comes from Russia?

Russia has long supplied Iran with military hardware, training, and information.  Iran's nuclear ambition owes its existence in large part to Russia, and sufficient evidence exists to prove Russia provides Iran with technology and information to further Iranian nuclear research.  Add in Russia's animosity to the West (something shared whole-heartedly by Iran) and it's not hard to comprehend why this is happening.  The real conundrum is why the U.S. gives Iran, a known foe, so much damn money.

ISIS is the child of Western intervention.

Outside interference created a lot of trouble in the Middle East.  Syria's regime is no friend of the West, and they face a crippling civil war from which they will never recover; in this tumultuous scene, elements of radical islamic jihadists formed the nucleus of ISIS.

Over in Iraq, military intervention toppled a dictator and left a power vacuum in the heart of the region.  Other countries were quick to step in, offering aid, equipment, training, and influence to the interim government.  This surge of outside influence only facilitated the collapse and anarchy present in Iraq today.  Violent religious differences fueled by hatred of western invaders, fed by radical ideas from neighboring countries and resident jihadists, tore Iraq into pieces.  ISIS exploited this situation to great effect.

Let's not forget that U.S. money, weapons, and training poured into Iraq as part of western strategy to rebuild and reshape the region.  Well, thanks to the courageous Iraqi armies, ISIS now possesses American military hardware and money, using it to carve out lucrative oil territories, kidnap hostages, and build a legitimate armed force.

There's a lot of jackals running around over there.

Do we know beyond a shadow of doubt if these western terrorists (the ones going to fight in the Middle East) are not intelligence operatives?  Call me conspiratorial, but given the evidence of intelligence operations throughout the region and in past conflicts, why would this be unusual?

Stoking the fires of extremism, providing support, training, and equipment, are all functions of intelligence and special operations personnel.  Even Israel's intelligence may be involved, if the outcome is something to their benefit.  Stirring up trouble is a staple of government control.

Looking back at how these situations unfolded, the timing, and some of the key events, it's a stretch of the imagination to not see much of the chaos as a direct result of western intervention.

At which point, I must ask, are we reaping what we sow?

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